Stephen King Book Series

The Project

The task was to create three book covers from a single author. I chose Stephen King as I was the most familiar with his work. Researching Stephen King and several of his works, I decided on “It”, “Pet Sematary”, and “The Shining”. I felt these three works would come together nicely in a series as each deals with the supernatural, feature children in one way or another, and each dealt with a different theme. For “It” I took the theme fear. For “Pet Sematary”, it was dead. For “The Shining”, I took the theme of madness.

The assets for the book covers needed to be created by hand. My strongest artistic expression is abstract painting. So I ultimately decided to paint the assets I would need, then clean them up in Photoshop.

Design Process

I wanted to push myself on the cover concepts I could come up with. I made a goal of six per book. The top left sheet shows what I was thinking in trying to get the three book covers to seem they belong to a series.

Considering the covers must be produced by hand, my strongest artistic skill is abstract painting. As such, I wanted to approach each cover as an abstract painting. The background of this particular cover for “It” would be plain, but modestly texturized. The balloon on the other hand will be bright red.

The back of the book would be a continuation of the cover. The blurb will be displayed in a typical fashion. The book title however will be in the top left corner with the first paragraph to the right of it.

The spine has the same textured background along with the title and the author.

For all of my concepts, I chose Anchor Books as the publisher. They were used for several of King’s works.

For this cover, the mountains are featured. The way it is drawn, I think it helps to convey isolation. I think it’s also similar to a perspective where inside the hotel, the hallways look to go on forever.


Concepts & Sketches



Spending an afternoon, I painted all the assets I would need. I even painted more than I would needed, incase I wanted to experiment with any new compositions I hadn’t previously considered. From here, I digitized all assets and began to clean them up in Photoshop. Later I would arrange the titles according to the letterforms I enjoyed the most. In each word, no two letter forms are the same.

Final Pieces

For the final version of The Shining, I played around with the spacing of the titles. I wanted the spacing to be even and reflect accurately how the spacing was on the other book covers. I also played around with the blurb on the back and wanted to incorporate a familiar design.

Like the cover for The Shining, I played around with the titles and the blurb on the back. I also decided to make the hillside/tombstone red, rather than black. I felt that it helped to make this cover feel more like it was part of a series with the other two covers.

Played around with the titles and the blurb on the back for the cover of It. This cover was particularly difficult as I debated where exactly to place the title. As “It” is shorter than the other two titles, I eventually decided to place it opposite end of the spine from the author’s name.


Last step for this project was creating mockups that would help to show off the word that I had done.



Skills:Print Design