OMA DayCamp 2017 Posters

The Project


Background Summary: OMA DayCamp 2017 is a local event involving a skateboarding competition, DJ competition, and graffiti demonstrations.

Overview: Three posters need to be designed for each of the three activities at the event.

Drivers: To promote the event to young adults who might be interested in attending the multi-day event.

Audience: 8-18 year olds

Tone: Three inclusive subcultures coming together for a way to celebrate and promote their individual arts.

Message: Join like minded individuals for community and to better your own skills.

Visuals: Each poster represents a different event at the OMA DayCamp 2017. The poster must work separately as well as together. The difference can’t be subtle, such as changing typefaces, or different background colors. Given the themes, urban grunge may be a good style to go with for the poster design.

Details: Client supplied copy. All copy must be used and not edited. Poster sizes are up to designer. 11×17 poster size is considered ideal based on traditional event poster designs. Sponsors must be included. Logos have been provided. Designer needs to find an additional sponsor. No celebrities or their likeness may be used.

Targeted Message: TBD


Skateboarding can mean many things to different people. To some it’s about being creative, to others it’s about finding peace. While to several others it could be a way to channel their anger into something constructive or gaining a sense of freedom. It’s a very inclusive community that perhaps boarders on a subculture. Nicknames also exist for different kinds of members such as “grom”, which is a young, beginning skater. Members of this community can be very defensive of their own. It’s also important to note that each members helps to push each other to improve themselves. source

Disk Jockeys (DJs), especially those involved in dance club music has grown into the mainstream. Once considered counter-culture, (electronic dance music (EDM) has become big business. Highly successful DJs are able to pull in millions of dollars, draw large crowd, and win Grammy awards. The nature of the music sub genre continues to change and grow. source

Graffiti has been used to expressed social or political commentary. In some cases, it can be a punishable crime or used by gangs to tag their territory. Tagging by a graffiti artist is their signature. Critics and artists in the contemporary art community have begun to see some forms of graffiti as a form of public art. source

Within the Graffiti subculture there exists slang. Below are ten terms. Within the Graffiti subculture there exists slang. Below are ten terms.  Angel: A highly respected artist who has died. King/Queen: A highly respected artist. Typically only other kings/queens can call another such. Married Couple: Graffiti painted across two railroad cars. Heaven Spot: Graffiti painted in a hard to access location, such as on a bridge. Piece: Short for masterpiece which is typically a labor intensive painting. Tag: Typically a Graffiti painters name. Back to Back: Graffiti painted across a wall, from one end to the other. Black Book: Sketch book for Graffiti painters to plan out their possible future public graffiti. Throw-up: Tag-like drawings using bubble letters. Whole Train: Graffiti that covers an entire train. source

Graffiti is referred to as “street art” by more contemporary artists. source

Concepts & Sketches

For this poster design, I wanted to feature each someone from each category; graffiti, skateboarding, and DJ-ing. Each poster features one of these in the middle, while the other two figures are silhouetted. Each poster background has a unique look and feel that matches the figure in the foreground. Typefaces are also adjust to meet the central figure.
Using a style similar to Constructionist, this poster designed is influenced by graffiti. This is demonstrated by the angled Golden Section. This helps to create a dynamic appearance to the poster.
Using typography heavily to create the look of this poster design, and basing the content on the Golden Section, this poster design is styled towards skateboarders. Similar to Idea One, stylized colors and typeface choices will be used.


I went back and found another shot of the DJ. His mix board allowed the crowd to stand out more, which I think helps to create more contrast between the background and the DJ. The event address was added, as well as enlarging the date and times. I also reorganized the bottom copy to read better from my comp. I felt it was laid out similar to a mix table.
Like the DJ, I added the address, and enlarged the date and times. The bottom copy was organized in a way that felt “urban” to me. Sort of like a skyscraper, if only subtly. The logos were also stacked and left-aligned. It helped to create breathing room for the copy.
The address was added and the date and times were enlarged. I went back and found another shot of the skateboarder. It adds some energy to the poster.

Skills:Print Design