Letterhead, Business Card, Envelope, and Presentation Folder Design for HEILSA


HEILSA, a fictitious Icelandic pharmaceutical company needed new letterhead, business card, mailing envelope, and a presentation folder design to reflect the company’s modern image.

Client Supplied Logo and Color Pallet


Iceland has about 332,529 Icelanders. The official language is Icelandic. The GDP is $17 billion with a per capita of $50,500. source

The Icelandic culture is known for its literary heritage. They are also known for their wood carving, weaving, and silver-smithing. There are also several professional theaters in the Reykjavik area. source

Icelandic pharmaceutical companies:Icelandic pharmaceutical companies: http://www.alvotech.com/ http://www.alvogen.com/ http://tajpharma.com/Iceland.htm https://www.ima.is/ source

USPS has standards that mark areas on envelopes as post office only. Overnight Prints, one of my print vendors I enjoy using, created guides that show where these areas are based on USPS standards. source

Heavy graphics should be kept to a minimum. People see these and think they are too promotional. source

Concepts & Sketches

I wanted to develop two ideas for each business card, envelope, letterhead, and folder. To start with, I wanted to create a minimal style, and more dramatic stylized look. But I also didn’t want to repeat the same way I organized information. For the business card, the minimal approach was a clean application of HEILSA’s logo to the front. White background. One the back of the business card is HEILSA without the mark, the person, their title, and the contact information at the bottom. When I was gathering inspiration, I noticed that many business cards were laid out the same. This isn’t one of them. I feel however this is a more classic approach to the business card. I also feel it’s more conservative. On the bottom is the stylized version of the business card. The mark has been enlarged to become a non nondescript shape on the front. Behind the mark is a textured background. I’m currently messing with the idea of using the mark to create this textured background. The address, phone numbers, web address, and email are laid out on the right side of the card.
The minimal approach (on the left) has the logo on the top left and the address, web, and contact details on the top right, laid out in a grid fashion. The stylized version (on the far left) has the enlarged mark with the texture in the background. It’s important to note this texture would fade to 0% opacity to blend into the white paper. The logo would be in the top left corner of the letter head, while the contact and address information in below it in line.


The minimal envelope contains the HEILSA logotype with the address below. Pretty plain, pretty straight forward. The stylized version includes the mark in enlarged fashion along with the texture from the business card laid out on the envelope. The back of the envelope shares the same texture, but the flap has a solid color on it.
The minimal folder would have the logo on the front, with the card holder on the left side of the interior of the folder. The folder would be solid color, that matches the brand’s color palette. For the stylized version, again the enlarged mark is seen on the front, the client’s logo is also shown in the bottom right of the front. Inside the folder on the left is the business card holder. The bottom flaps, that hold the folder’s content, is textured, while behind the flaps are solid color. On the back of the folder, we see the enlarged mark, the mirrored version of it, along with the textured background.



#10 Envelope

I slightly nudged the address to the right to give the logo more room to breath. I also fixed the spelling error in the city.


Moved the base line of the pipes 1.5 pt to make them on the same base line of the letters. Also bolded them and changed them to the client’s light blue specifications. Fixed the spelling error in the city’s name.

Presentation Folder

Scaled the logo on the folder’s front down slightly. Left it slightly off centered to make it more visually interesting.

Business Card

Scaled the logo on the front of the business card down slightly. On the reverse, I changed the President/CEO’s name to light blue and bolded the title. Fixed the spelling error in the city’s name.






Skills:Print Design