BOGO Sale Campaign

Campaign Overview

Oil and Gas Safety Supply needed graphics created for their Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) sale, during December of 2016. I explored different visual styles and ultimately settled on a retro, comic style. I should note that this is the first and only time that I used Comic Sans for a project. Along with handling the graphics and the print process, I also handled the budget for this project. December is usually a slow month for the client, and they didn’t want to have a large budget to advertise. Being creative, and using social media as well as in-store graphics, I was able to stay within their budget.

To assist with social media scheduling I Buffer. This allowed me to find the best times to engage with followers as well as ensuring that fresh content was posted on a regular basis.

In-Store Graphics

This flyer design was created for sales associates to hand out in the stores. It gave basic information in a fun way. If customers redeemed this flyer, there were able to get a free hard hat sticker.
This clothing tag was designed to be punched at the top, and looped around a clothing hanger. Every sale garment was marked this way.
This sign was created for the sales associates to post around the store, advertising our BOGO sale.



As part of the BOGO Campaign, I created several emails that would be emailed to the client’s email list. I kept track of the analytics information obtained from the emails, and would tweek each email going out to ensure they were as effective as possible. I also wanted each email to tell a story, just like the other social media graphics seen further down. First step was introducing the sale. Next was creating immediacy and buzz. Then came letting people know the sale would end. Afterwards I created a sense of urgency as the sale and stock was beginning to end. One way I achieved was this by stating that the customer should check out the sale before all the good product was gone.



I worked into the client’s budget a small amount to boost the Facebook posts I created for the sale.



I included several BOGO graphics I had created for other channels in the Instagram campaign. However I also included several more in-store pictures I shot for Instagram. Any time I included real life photos oft, I wanted to create energy in the pictures. So I used low angles and interesting perspectives to create this effect. I also research popular filters from Instagram that seemed to create the most interactions.



For Twitter, it was more in-store shots, and brief, but catchy tweets that helped to create interest and urgency for the client’s followers.



At the end of the campaign, the client and the store managers all reported that there was a very noticeable bump in foot traffic at their locations. The campaign was so effective in fact, the store began to run out of inventory before the sale was over. As I heard about the increase in foot traffic, I would slow the rate of posts and emails to better accommodate the stores.

Skills: Graphic Design