Get to know me

53c1de2325720I graduated over five years ago from a community college where I obtained four associates in photography, video production, web publishing, and web design. I freelanced a little here and there as I struggled in creating a career for myself. In 2012 I got my first “real” grown up job with a company in Pittsburgh producing video, photographing product, and designing marketing material, websites, and product. October of last year I left that job for one at a retail company where I do a lot of the same work. However this time, I’m also handling the company’s marketing and communications. While I have a background in media production, I’ve never really had any formal training in graphic design. This is my first semester at Bellevue University. It’s my hope to obtain a bachelors in graphic design so that I may solidify my career, but also to help me on my path of becoming a Creative Director.

To me design is visual communication. To go a step beyond that, design is visual storytelling. Good design has the ability to convey thoughts and emotions without using spoken words. It has the ability to become something beautiful. I’ve spent many hours with colleagues looking at not only our own work, but that of others outside the company. Between this and my background in film and photography, I’ve developed an eye for design. While I may know in my gut if something looks good or not, I want to develop the appropriate vocabulary to explain my feelings or to better express my creative direction as I currently work with freelance designers. Trying to outgrow my self-taught graphic design skills, I want to be able to explain why something looks good, not just how something looks good.