Get to know me


As a design and communications professional, I have worked with a variety of businesses and clients over the years. I’ve developed a broad skill set that allows me to be an efficient designer, video producer, and photographer, with working knowledge of digital marketing. I love conducting research, developing a solution, and seeing the final results. I’ve recently decided to document my process, as I work through new projects.    

I love learning and developing new processes. I’m currently working on a personal project where I have been experimenting with different mediums in creating illustrations and hand lettering. I also have a fascination for studying past styles and how to apply those in my designs. Beyond this, I look forward to expanding my knowledge of VR/AR technology, as I become familiar with this emerging technology, and how best to produce new content.

I began my career building websites and producing digital videos as a college workstudy. I managed to build a reel that highlights some of my productions, and a behind the scenes look at one of my horror themed photoshoots.  After that, I worked for a company that had an in-house print shop. I worked directly with the print staff (and on occasion on the printers myself) to ensure accurate reproductions. I also got to shoot and edit a Longerberger interview video. From a print perspective, I’ve designed many projects from ads to brochures and beyond. I’ve also designed social media and digital ad campaigns to garner community engagement.

For almost two years I have been an Art Director for a small retail company. My print work has continued as I designed new store signage, seasonal ads, brochures, and more. Apart from this I’ve managed to create an online presence where we sell tens of thousands of dollars in product every month, solved complicated technical issues such as having our accounting software communicate with our website and other sales channels, trained staff on how to use these systems, and acted as project manager across departments to ensure successful launches.

Thanks for reading a little about myself.